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4 THINGS YOU MAY NOT  KNOW ABOUT CHIROPRACTIC Most people think about going to a chiropractor for an “adjustment” when they are experiencing “neck or back pain.”  While chiropractors are considered experts in dealing with musculoskeletal conditions, the truth is that it is not what has defined chiropractic as an essential and distinct healthcare profession…
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In Your Face

On facial muscle tension and emotional and physical stress. “Its only when you learn to relax that you actually become aware of how much tension you have been holding”   In my practice I started using  different essential oils and a complete herb oil designed by ayurdedic master Kirsten Rae, they contain Ashwaganda, St, Johns…
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How to avoid GMO’s and choose organic produce using PLU codes

The sticky  PLU  or price look up number  on your fruits and  some vegetables  that seems like a sticky  nuisance actually  is a valuable aide  in choosing your produce.  The PLU code will clearly tell you if your produce was  genetically modified ,grown conventionally with pesticides , herbicides and fungicides  or organically grown.    Here are the basics of what you should know: If…
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Gluten Free Carrot Juice Pulp Cake with Chestnut Flour

As bad as that sounds, the pic really does it justice. Carrots grown on highly mineralized soil can make one of the most divine juices on the planet. Don't let that pulp go to waste when it can be used to make such a wonderful treat. Ingredients:   The pulp of 7-10 carrots. Carrots have…
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Eating Healthy in Manhattan during the holidays

Let’s face it; eating right in during the holidays is not always an easy task. We are too busy with holiday parties to finding the perfect gift for friends, family and business associated to pay much attention to our diets There are countless foods that bring untold pleasure as you eat them, but pay attention…
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Smoothie Upgrade v. 2.0 Winter Superfood

. This recipe is designed with specific ingredients your body will benefit from during the winter months. You can find ripe bananas year round due to the fact that they are one of the few fruits that can fully ripen off the tree. In addition to that the banana’s potassium acts as an electrolyte, which will…
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Eating Healthy in the City

Let’s face it, eating right in New York City is not always an easy task. We are a time-impoverished, option-overloaded and digestively-distressed society and our health suffers for it.  If you find yourself living on what you’ve foraged for at your local bodega, here are some simple guidelines to help you move towards more healthful…
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