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Eating Locally, And How It Works

March 16th, 2011 |
by Writers of SPAce for Wellness
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A few days ago I spoke with a friend on the subject of local foods, you know, the kinds of things grown in your neighbors backyard or the veggies and milk and meats brought in form the farms in and around metropolitan cities; things that happen to come from a place you can name and from a hand you can trust. We happened to be speaking about this because both him and I operate a natural food store in Canada, on our farm, and growing our products by hand and selling them is a big part of what we take pride in. Letting people know that their food has been grown right around the corner brings great vibes, success and excitement to the community.

Eating and buying locally means different things to different people. A couple notable rules in the ‘eating local’ realm are: knowing what your eating, tasting the difference more

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