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The Power Between Our Eyes: Chakra Massage Explained

By New York City  Master massage therapist ,  Pamela Joy Pontone.

The Chakras are a concept which were born in ancient Hindu philosophy, and which, like other ancient body ideologies around the world, incorporate the physical body with that of the emotional and spiritual.  As a yoga practitioner and one who has received my massage education at a largely Eastern school, I find that the interrelation of our bodies with our past memories and current self treatment is undeniable, and in order to heal we must acknowledge these connections instead of attempting separation.  Our seven chakras run from the first one located along the perineum to just above and slightly behind the midpoint at the crown of our head.  In order to ensure inner harmony and then bless the world around us with outer harmony, each of our chakras must be strong and balanced; by being in balance we may be able to claim certain benefits such as: that our hearts and creativity are speaking to us, that we regularly vocalize this, that our sexuality is given respective expression, and that our reasoning is thorough and present.  These ideals, attained, allow us the peace to achieve a level of spirituality, and as a whole, we are able to represent the highest level of beings which we may be.

The Chakras may be meditated on, and the colors which correspond to them visualized-they also correspond to frequencies, and therefore sounds.  This is why, in yogic practices, chants may be so profound and physically effecting; the body and the mind are one, and the sounds which we emit are speaking to us of the imbalances we are working to overcome.  Also, through the balancing of our heart chakras, the rest of our chakras may unite, because it is through the heart in Chinese medicine where the spirit and the mind reside.  We all too often hesitate in our society with making the simplest of decisions, because our heart and our mind are warring, and unsure of how to enjoy one another.
We can also assess our chakras using crystal pendulums.  Through this assessment, the massage therapist may be guided to see the deficiencies of certain chakras, and will be better able to focus their work.  Each chakra corresponds to a given color as well as herbs and essential oils, and the therapist may apply these oils to the areas of the body which correspond to those chakras.  For instance, to strenghten the first chakra, the therapist may work the legs of the client in order to release any energy which had been blocking the chakra.  This may work both ways, as possibly emotions of weakness or lack of individuality had been weakening the balance of the chakra, and therefore blocked energy in the legs.  Either way, employing the proper diagnostic methods, opening chakras and directly addressing those blockages can have ever deepening effects on the clients' body, and the way they embrace their world once they leave the massage.
Chakra massage may also be combined with other therapies, such as using Shiatsu stretches, or pinning and stretching techniques for muscles which correspond to the chakras, and even cranio sacral therapy can be done with focus on the areas where the chakras reside.


About the Author  Pamela Joy PontOne ! (hah,) Lmt

Who we  are proud to have her on our staff.  Pamela see's  clients by appointment  Wednesdays between 9 and 2.
Pamela is a Licensed Massage therapist living in New York City.  She graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC, and has worked in 5 star spas and with renowned chiropractors and doctors.

She has been trained in aspects of both Western and Eastern Massage, and enjoys communicating with her clients to help them to understand their muscular tensions from emotional, energetic, as well as Western Medical standpoints.  She is highly influenced from her years of practicing yoga, and feels that through the rhtyhmic control of the breathe, clients are better able to release tension. This is because it is through this rhythm that we are able to better harmonize the rhythmic pulsations of our heart, and by attaining peace in our heart, we are able to increase blood circulation and achieve acceptance of all the traumas we have endured.  This acceptance helps us to confront and to let go of those traumas and leave the massage feeling lighter and more brisk, and better able to receive the benefits of the massage itself.

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