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Grow Your Own Paradise


As I write this from an apartment in New York City, I reflect on the journey we have all had here in this metropolis. The evolution to a more green NYC is something we have witnessed in the last decade. I'm reminded of the new farmer's markets, bike lanes with citibikes, the holistic healers, and all the new green spaces in the city. It's not quite paradise yet, but it's a very strong step towards this.

We live in a world of such abundance that few can imagine. I walk around the city and every apartment I see is easily the same cost as an Eco-village in the countryside. Think about the gravity of that. So much financial wealth to create a better world is all right there waiting for us. This gives me hope, because the resources are there. Now it's more about a shift in how we use those resources and where we focus our own powers of creation.

With no doubt in my mind or heart, I know that the answer is creating paradise where we live. Envisioning a garden of Eden as our neighborhood and backyard puts a huge smile on my face. I see this concept as the ultimate panacea that can heal the mind, hearts, bodies, and pocketbooks of humanity all over the planet.

I have little time for philosophies that miss this idea. What good is meditation or healthy eating if we find ourselves living in spaces that create a constant upstream battle to attain peace of mind, body, and soul? It is by creating human habitats that are conducive to both mental and physical wellness that we will finally see long lasting and easily attainable results in anything we desire. It's about setting up an environment that allows us to truly thrive.

I created Grow Paradise to help spread this idea. It was a marriage of wanting a simple life free of most monthly bills, and eating the best food possible. When I discovered the landscape design science known as Permaculture, I knew that I had found my answer.

Humans are extremely potent creators. If we put our focus into literally growing paradise around us, everything quickly changes. By planting our own paradise garden where we live, whether that means our neighborhood or our yard, we begin to assume the role that I feel we always were meant to play.

Our mission is to both help spread this idea, and to show what is possible. We host retreats in settings that demonstrate the paradise lifestyle, so that the land and the experience itself is the real teacher. Many people have liberated themselves with Permaculture, and many more will soon follow on this path.

We deserve paradise on earth. We deserve heaven on earth. Perhaps that is the first step: realizing that we do in fact deserve it and that it truly is possible. We simply have to want it strongly enough to physically manifest it. The quicker we come together for this shared vision, the quicker we will realize just how synergistic this all can be.

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-Anthony Anderson, Green lifestyle coach

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